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About Me...

Hello love! 

My name is McKenna Dion Hildebrandt and I am a student studying psychology at Texas State University. Through my blog and YouTube channel, I use psychology to help people better understand people and show them how to use psychology to help them become better versions of themselves (I also use it to talk about greek mythology... specifically my obsession and love for Persephone...). I do this because after I started studying psychology, I learned a plethora of really helpful, eye opening information that helped me change and grow in the most beautiful and positive ways, and wanted to help others have a similar experience, helping them to grow in all aspects of life.





Listening To:'s christmas break!

oatmilk latte

the assasin's blade by sarah j. maas

sure thing by miguel


“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” – Lucille Ball

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